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Welcome to Whitetail Bluff Campground & Resort!

What is Whitetail Bluff?

Whitetail Bluff Campground and Resort is the ideal destination for family friendly camping and relaxing outdoor fun. We are located southeast of Cassville, Wisconsin on the bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River.

Our Services

Steak sizzling on a grill

Hungry? No Problem.

Is that your tummy I hear? No need to fear! We have a restaurant bar & grill among one of our many amenities!

Check out our restaurant page to learn more!

Wild Path

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."

Khalil Gibran


"We enjoy every moment we can there, most recently a 10 day trip. Brad and Andrea are really trying to make a difference at this camp ground. What makes [them] stick out the most is that they take the time to listen to their patrons."


"This was a beautiful place. And very quiet and just what we needed to take the grandsons away for a couple days in the week. Lovely lake and quiet during the week. We all had a ball!!!"


"I was never concerned about a thing. New owners have done a great job striking a balance between fun and having some basic rules. Everyone is super nice, helpful and will help you with anything. Campground is clean, well kept and kept up."

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8973 Irish Ridge Rd, Cassville, WI 53806

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